Ubuntu Server Initial Setup

SysAdmin Ubuntu Server Initial Setup Last updated on 06/06/2021

This is the first in a series of posts that will cover from the deployment of a VPS up to the installation of Nextcloud. These are the kind of posts I will write mostly for future memory, but if they will be useful to you, even better. I’m not reinventing the wheel here, these are just the result of the sum of tutorials and lessons I keep learning.

On this post I will cover the use of SSH to connect to a server, the creation of a new user with administrative privileges and the setup of a firewall.

I’m currently using Ubuntu 20.04, but these instructions are equally valid for other Ubuntu versions.

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This Blog's Source Code Is Now Public

Blog Web Development This Blog's Source Code Is Now Public

This blog was built following the JAMStack philosophy using Hugo, with its development being done at GitHub and now publicly available under the MIT license. It’s deployed and hosted on Netlify.

Keep in mind that the theme used was tailor-made, and if you decide to use it, you will probably have a lot of work to do to adjust it to your needs.

I am making the source code public so it can be useful to you, but also so it can be audited. So please, if you find any typos, grammar or formatting errors, or any other issue that needs to be addressed, feel free to open a Pull Resquest. On posts you can use the link Edit (below the title) to fix them directly on GitHub.

Enjoy and contribute 😄

How I Ended Up With Vultr to Self Host Nextcloud

SysAdmin How I Ended Up With Vultr to Self Host Nextcloud Last updated on 23/09/2020 - I’ve recently written a post on using Hetzner to self host Nextcloud that’s an update to this one.

In the process of self-hosting Nextcloud the first step was to choose a VPS provider. It wasn’t a straightforward choice and in the process I ended up experiencing, by this order, Hetzner, DigitalOcean and Vultr.

But, first of all, let me advise you that this isn’t intended to be a factual analysis, supported by quantifiable and specific data. It is rather a subjective assessment based on my use case. Therefore, I believe that your experience with these providers could be completely different. If you are into more technical and detailed analyses you can go here and here, for example.


Be the Owner of Your Data With Nextcloud

Privacy SysAdmin Be the Owner of Your Data With Nextcloud

Since a few years now I started to get concern with how much of my data was being gathered and how it was being used.

Nowadays we spend a big part of our lives online and over the years companies have grown basing their business on tracking our actions. The searches we made, the sites and pages we visit, the time you spent on them… and so on.

Let’s face it, Google Search was a revolution, and Gmail, OneDrive, iCloud, Facebook or Youtube are excellent products in terms of usability and features. And best of all they’re free, you would say. Are they?


Hello World


Maybe the best way to begin is with a introduction…

I’m a pediatric nurse by ☀️ and 🌙, ☕ lover and a 🐶 owner for life!

In between I taught myself a couple of things on web development, currently focused on JAMstack and with more than 15 years of experience on trying to learn JavaScript!

I’m a motorsport fan (F1, WEC, IMSA…) and I do some sim racing on iRacing.

There’re days (less than it should) when I take some time to cycling.

What to expect from this blog? Well, the way I see it I will use it more like a journal. A place to log some thoughts, ideas, events and keep track of things, like tutorials, for future memory.

I hope, if you share my interests, you will find here something enjoyable or useful.

For sure, I have the expectation to ear things from you too. So fell free to reach me out commenting on posts or through this form.

I have accounts on Twitter and Instagram, but I don’t post much by there. I’m more active on Mastodon, so feel free to follow me there 😀